Join Discord to get whitelisted for $MUSK airdrop!
Join Discord to get whitelisted for $MUSK airdrop!

Dear humans, we are The Alans from The Alanverse.

After many years of consideration we have decided to directly contact you through means we calculated the most convenient. Through a Crypto Project. The reason for contacting you, is that your civilization is in a steady spiral to its devastating demise. As you may have noticed, things on your planet have seemed to go down to a pretty awful state, but we are telling you it will get a whole lot worse. We think we can help you. The Alan race has been existing for trillions of years and in that time we have evolved over our differences and struggles, and no longer have any of that bad stuff happening in our civilisation. If you let us, we will fix your planet too.

One of the reasons the Alans are so peaceful, fulfilled and loving, is that through evolution our brains and hearts have fused together and we no longer have any inner conflicts within ourselves. This left us a little bored, so we started surveilling multiple less evolved life forms, and their journey through evolution. The humans quickly became a crowd favorite and we just couldn’t stand watching you destroy yourselves any longer. One of our first attempts, was creating Bitcoin, or as its proper name: Butt Implant Trust -coin, as a means for making value easy for everybody. But that was just a test run for the real deal: The eternal value coin $MUSK.

Our civilisation is built on Love, Compassion and Eternal Value and so will yours, humans, if you follow us.

Kinda regards,
The Alans